Our New Indoor Arena!

It’s been an extremely busy summer, with construction crews working on our new hay barn and indoor arena. While the hay barn is now completely finished and filled to the brim with this year’s hay, the arena still has a few weeks to go before it’s ready. But we’re super… Read More

A Quiet Ride

On a nice winter’s day, it doesn’t take much persuading to get us in the saddle. At this time of year the trails have enough snow to create a nice footing, without the ice that comes with a spring freeze-thaw. Winter has it’s own special qualities that make it one… Read More

Winterizing Run-in Sheds

Each winter we bed all of the run-in sheds with straw, first in November and then again in January. We like to ensure the horses have comfortable, warm bedding

Riding Through Snow

We celebrated the New Year with a wonderful ride through snow! I’ve been riding these trails for over twenty years and each winter I look forward to these crisp, sunny days. Whether I’m riding through pine trees heavily laden with fresh snow, or just enjoying the view of distant snow-covered hills, these… Read More

Rainbow After the Storm

Yesterday we had one of those thundering summer storms that broke the heat wave and left everything looking clean and fresh. We really needed the rain, but the rainbows were a bonus.