Our Farm

Arial photo of Sweetwater StableOur 300-acre farm has been family-owned for over 45 years. The property  with its six spring-fed ponds and a creek was purchased around 1968 from the Sweet family. Naming the property Sweetwater seemed like a natural choice.

Helen with 1 of her horses

Getting into Horses

Around 1982 my dream of owning a horse came true with the purchase of my first wonderful horse Coco, an aged (28 year old) Quarter Horse I bought with my winnings from a 50/50 draw at the Port Perry Fair. Our barn was a cow barn at this time and we made room for one horse. Quickly the cows were gone and horses took over. 

Many more horses came after that. Now in 2016, I  have my own group of 8 horses. They are a huge part of my life and they will live out their lives at Sweetwater Stable.

Becoming a Boarding Stable

With the addition of my own horses, boarding horses just seemed to fall into place naturally. 

I just love each and every horse that comes through the door. We have good solid stable staff and life just moves along quite happily for horses and owners.

My mission is to treat every animal with kindness and respect. I’m happy knowing my horses have a full belly, fresh water, companionship, shade in summer, shelter in winter, and a place to run and just be a horse.

Helen Martyn, Owner